Tenth Presbyterian Church

Parking Rules :
Sundays, 8:00 am-10:00pm
Both sides of Spruce and Pine from 16th to 19th
Both sides of Lonbard from 16th to 17th
Both sides of 16th and 17th from Spruce to Pine

Special Events
Parking privileges will be granted for Saturday weddings, Good Friday serviceand concert, PCRT (6:30 pm-11 pm Friday; 8 am-11 pm Saturday), Thanksgiving service, 12/23 and 12/24 Christmas Eve services, and New Year's Eve. Weddings and other special events may be added throughout the year, time will start one hour before and end one hour after the event or as noted ; must check church website to confirm events and locations to be added throughout the year.

Both sides of Spruce from 17th to 18th
Both sides of 17th from Spruce to Pine
Both sides of 18th from Spruce to Pine

Denomination : Presbyterian Church in America

Website : http://www.tenth.org/

Paper Type for Placard :
Printed on colored paper----RGB color: 254;254;241
Paper has a thickness of approximately .006 caliper/inches or .152 mm

Parking Placard : PDF -- Download Original Scan (front)